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Vietnam ranks 11th among most popular destination for expatriates

Thursday, September 1, 2016

(National Times)- Vietnam ranks eleventh out 67 countries and territories around world in the list of the best places to live abroad in the third annual InterNations Expat Insider 2016 survey.

Sunrise at Con Dao island. (Photo: Quang Thanh)

Vietnam has made the biggest jump, rising up an astounding 24 places to come in the 11th out of 67 countries. In 2015, it only came in the 35th place out of 64 countries.

It made the biggest gain in the Working Abroad Index (from 36th to 12th place) and the Ease of Settling in Index (35th to 29th place). Whereas in 2015, only 13 percent of expatriates in Vietnam were completely satisfied with their work-life balance, in 2016, almost one in five (19 percent) is.

Expatriates are also more satisfied with their jobs in general, with about six in ten (61 percent) saying they are generally content in their jobs in 2015, and almost three-quarters (74 percent) stating the same in 2016.
Expatriates in Vietnam are very pleased with the friendly nature of the local residents this year, the report says.

The percentage of respondents that rate the general friendliness of the population positively has risen by ten percentage points (74 percent to 84 percent). In addition, over two in five (41 percent) regard the friendly attitude towards foreign residents as very good (33 percent in 2015).

It also seems to be easier to make new friends among the local residents this year, with 63 percent generally agreeing that this is easy to do. In 2015, only 48 percent were of the same opinion, the survey shows.

Taiwan tops the best expat destinations in 2016, followed by Malta, Ecuador, Mexico and New Zealand.

More than 14,000 respondents representing 174 nationalities and 191 countries or territories took part in this year’s annual survey.

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