Tra Que Vegetable Village - is a “must-see” for visitors to Hoi An

Monday, October 24, 2016

(National Times)- Tra Que Vegetable Village, which is well-known as the freshest and cleanest herb and vegetable supplier in Hoi An, is a “must-see” for visitors to the ancient town in the Central province of Quang Nam.

Tra Que Vegetable Village. (Photo: hoiantourism)

Located 3 km away from the center of Hoi An, you can easily get there by motorbike, bicycle or simply a light walk.

This village has a perfect location between the old town of Hoi An and An Bang beach.

The village has some 40ha of fertile land, sustaining more than 41 different kinds of vegetables.

Established 300 years ago and surrounded by the De Vong River, the first citizens of Tra Que made a living by fishing. Gradually, they started taking advantage of the river’s abundant seaweed to make fertilizer. Tra Que now supplies all Hoi An restaurants and households with the finest quality herbs and vegetables. Hoi An is considered the food mecca of Vietnam and Tra Que Village is the main contributor to this status.

This village is not only beautiful to look at; its real treasure lies in the quality of its soil. No chemicals are used in the plant-growing process. Also, it’s situated on top of a rice field, which adds to the richness of the soil. This guarantees you the best quality and the healthiest vegetables.

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