Giant Lantern Festival lights up Ha Noi

Monday, December 5, 2016

(National Times)- The 2016 Vietnam-Korea Giant Lantern Festival opened on December 3 at the Lepare Trade Centre in the Gaduma City Urban Area.

The event, sponsored by both Vietnam and South Korea, includes the display of 40 giant lanterns (each 10-30 meters tall) that depict popular animated characters as well as famous scenic spots in Vietnam and Korea.

Forty giant lanterns are divided into four zones: The Peace zone - with lanterns depicting beauty spots and architecture of Viet Nam and South Korea - praises the value of peace; The Love zone - with lovely and romantic scenes created by pink heart-shaped lanterns - will be suitable for couples; The Hope zone will promote Korean culture and send messages for the 2018 Winter Olympics; and The Kids zone will have lanterns embodying Pokemon and animated characters.

The event will last until January 22, 2017.



Source of photos: VNM - PL.XH

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