“Welcome 2017” gala gathers Vietnamese quintessence

Friday, December 9, 2016

(National Times) – “Welcome 2017” gala will be a special program of arts for the audience to enjoy some forms of arts.



“Welcome 2017” gala comprises some performances from some sectors of arts and training sectors of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with many forms of arts including stage – song and dancing. The program will take place on December 21, 22 and 23 at Ha Noi Opera House.

The program is directed by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Ngoc Thien, people’s artist Ngo Hoang Quan, people’s artists Nguyen Minh Thong and people’s artist Quang Vinh.


The program will mobilize some artists, singers, musicians and artists from the Vietnam National Academy of Music, the Conservatory of Ho Chi Minh City, Hue Academy of Music, Theatre of Viet Nam Music Dance and Song, Vietnam National Opera & Ballet, Vietnam Contemporary Art Theatre, Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra, Viet Bac folk song and dancing theatre, Viet Nam “Cheo” Theatre, Viet Nam “Tuong” Theatre, Viet Nam “Cai luong” theatre and Viet Nam Puppetry theatre.

The program will organize in 120 minutes. Part I: some performances of traditional arts. Part II: some works of song and dancing built by traditional materials.


Many famous songs will be performed at the program including “Bai vong co toi yeu” (people’s artist Vuong Ha); “Goi anh” ( a meritorious artist Ma Minh Hue); “Me yeu con” ( a singer Anh Tho); “To quoc goi ten minh (meritorious artist Ta Minh Tam) and so on.

Some authors, directors, musicians and artists are some typical representatives for various forms of arts. The program promises to bring the audiences of the capital a professional program of arts and a special space of arts.

The program will be a chance for the audience to enjoy various forms of arts.


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