Viet Nam listed as 76th world’s most powerful passport 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

(National Times)– Viet Nam passport holders can travel to 48 nations and territories without applying for a visa.

According a report issued by Passportindex, German citizens own the world’s most powerful passport. German passport holders can travel visa-free to 157 nations and territories. Singapore and Sweden share the 2nd place since citizens of both countries can visit 156 nations and territories without applying for a visa.

The 3rd place belongs to Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Britain and the US. Citizens of these countries can travel visa-free to 155 nations and territories. Meanwhile Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austrian, Luxembourg and Portugal are all ranked at 4th place.

Viet Nam is ranked as the 76th world's most powerful passport

Viet Nam holds the 76th spot in the list. Vietnam passport holders can visit 48 nations and territories without worrying about visa application. This place is also shared by Mozabique, Rwanda, Chad, Gabon, Egypt and Bhutan.

At the bottom of the list are Afghanistan and Pakistan. Only 23 and 26 nations and territories apply a visa exemption policy for passport holders of these two countries.



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