Various colors in Vietnamese Tet market

Thursday, January 26, 2017

(National Times) – In Viet Nam, Tet market has been a habit and custom for long time.

Tet market is called “sam Tet”  by Vietnamese people.

Some Tet market sessions are from the 27th to the 30th of the final lunar month or during three days of Tet. This is when rural dwellers hunt for home decorations, prepared food and the essential ingredients for cooking up a feast.
In the Northern Vietnam, most people have deeper pockets and buy many things to prepare for Tet. Before Tet, foods and flowers are various on Tet festival.They go about their preparations quietly and rarely engage in animated chatter with their friends and neighbors about what shopping bargains are available where and how best to scrimp and save for Tet. It is said that people can meet and talk with their dear departed on the evening of the seventh and the next morning, if they are lucky.

During Tet, some special markets are held from the seventh day of the new lunar year called "Vieng market" or "Am phu market" which means "the market where you can meet the dead."

Vieng market is actually typical to an agricultural countryside that is rich in natural products, a kind of radiant open-air “fair” produced by the local farmers, especially ornamental plants, speciality crops, subtle craft articles, utensils, bronze and iron-made tools, etc. This spring market displays handicraft products, antiquities and false antiquities, utensils, tools for agriculture production, and many kinds of ornamental plants. Specialities are barbecued beef and “bánh dày” (sticky rice cake).

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