Foreign crew allowed to film promotion clips in Viet Nam

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

(National Times)- Rolling Action Ltd. has got permission to invite foreign experts to Viet Nam for filming promotion clips.

According to Decision No. 1274/QD-BVHTTDL dated 28/3/1977 by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Rolling Action Ltd. has been allowed to invite foreign experts to Viet Nam to produce the promotion program for Samsung Viet Nam.

Inside a filming studio (photo: IDC Production)

Rolling Action Ltd. will invite one director from Argentina, one musician from Colombia, one producer, one designer and one cameraman all from Thailand to Viet Nam. The crew will coordinate with Vietnamese staff to film a promotion video for “Samsung sound bar”, a product of Samsung Vietnam.

The filming will start in Ho Chi Minh City under the supervision of Ministry of Public’s Bureau A87. All equipment and final products will only be able to leave Vietnam’s territory after receiving the permission of Vietnam’s authorities.


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