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Russian media spotlights APEC 2017 in Vietnam

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Russian news agency MediaMetrics has an one hour radio broadcast show featuring Vietnam stories, capturing the attention of 7,000 people on its webpage and radio services.

During the show, Chairman of a foundation on Asian and European science and technology research, Grigory Trofimtruk, said Vietnam has widened its world impact with diplomatic relations with nearly 190 countries and membership to 650 nongovernmental organizations.

The country has maintained a stable growth rate of about 7%. He voiced his confidence in Vietnam’s initiatives to the APEC 2017 to address regional issues. 

He also responded to many questions of the host on the APEC and the world situation as well as Russia-Vietnam relations, and evaluated Vietnam’s role in the international arena and the global economy. He also talked about Russia’s “look east policy” and the country’s position in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Russian public hopes that the meeting will serve as a forum for Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump to find a common voice amidst tension in Russia-US ties, he added.

Source: VOV

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