Green moss covered Eo Gio beach

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

 (National Times)- Eo Gio Beach is known as a channel belonging Bac hamlet (Ly Luong hamlet, Nhon Ly, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh Province), which has the strongest gravity force winding and surrounded by high rocky mountains.

Eo Gio appears with the pristine and majestic beauty. Steep towering mountains, moss-covered rocks seem to be a funnel winding hole of Nhon Ly commune, which are highlighted in this destination.

The most unique feature in Eo Gio are blocks of marble passing a long period of time and the emerald seawater. The erosion of seawater and wind has created 19 nest caves, namely, Ky Co cave, Ba Nghe cave, Suc Khoe cave, Doi Cave, etc…

Eo Gio is 200 meters in height compared with the sea level, owning the wonderful and rocky eggs beaches, cliffs, wide beaches, sparkling yellow sand as well as peaceful waves.

Being far away the center of the Quy Nhon coastal city approximately 20 kilometers toward the north-east, with the convenience of transportation, the numbers of modern resorts have formed in Eo Gio.  Tourists coming here can stay in camp in a whole day.

It is recommended that a period from April to September is a time when there is no storm and the bays’ heart is sheltered, which facilitates visitors for tourism and camping.

The best time to explore Eo Gio are when the morning has just dawning and when the sun began to set. In that time, green mossy stones will make the sudden change in your feelings about natural beauty.

Coming to Eo Gio, travelers do not forget to visit fishing village located nearly. Next to the village, there is a temple, in which Guanyin statue overlooks for the sea to hope the peace and wished luck to the fishermen of the fishing village.

There is not only patching rock and ​​wind in this land, here are many grasses still growing as favorite food of the goats. Residents around often tend the small goats to increase their income without losing care.

Guests also can not ignore the rustic dishes but flavor from the sea such as grilled squid, “Gay Um” fish with rolls, steamed crabs, fried fish, moon snails, “gai” snails... They are sold in every small restaurant in the fishing village right on the beach with affordable, fresh and delicious.

Standing above and looking down, Eo Gio seem to be a painted picture about charming landscape with sun, clouds, mountains hugging the sea which is unspoiled and appealing. Eo gio is not only beautiful destination for sightseeing tourists, it also a place chosen by Quy Nhon Tay Son martial to practice.

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