Chula Fashion, Vietnam fashion with a touch of Spanish love

Sunday, May 1, 2016

(National Times)- Open for 10 years, Chula Fashion has become one of the most favorite brands for Vietnam and international fashion lovers.

Founded by the Spanish couples Laura Fontan & Diego Cortizas, Chula had its first shop, named Chula House, open in Hanoi in 2004. Overlooking the beautiful West Lake, Chula House is not only a perfect fashion shopping destination, but also a stylish exhibition space for various arts and culture events of Vietnam. Chula House aims to become a venue where visitors, artists, fashion lovers, employees and owners can gather and share ideas about how to preserve and develop the local values through fashion, arts and culture. 

The Spanish couple behind Chula 

Only a month after his arrival on Vietnam, Diego Cortizas, a Spanish architect and designer had fell in love with the country and decided to relocate his life and career here. Cortizas and his wife Laura Fontan, have three kids all born in Hanoi. The couples love wandering Hanoi small streets to look for inspiration for their clothes. “We want to incorporate the beauty of Hanoi streets into our designs and make them diverse and global,” said the director of Chula Fashion. Chula’s customers are locals and tourists from various countries, but they all share the same interest and passion in Vietnamese silk. That’s why the fashion house always tries its best to satisfy the all tastes of fashion lovers with products featured Vietnamese style.

Inside a Chula store
An Aodai designed by Chula

Chula’s philosophy can be seen through its clothes. The brand use Vietnamese traditional materials for its unique designs. Most of Chula’s designs have something taken from culture and lifestyle of Vietnam while every detail of each outfit is carefully crafted with love from both Vietnamese team and the Spanish owners, Laura and Diego. Chula is the perfect blend of classic and modern fashions, including European and Asian inspired dresses, jackets, skirts, and silk garments. The clothes feature unique patterns, materials, and embroider, which means that no two items are ever the same. With a simple silhouette style with fresh and radical graphic ideas decoration on them, Chula’s clothes is highly recognizable that everyone can easily notice, suitable for both parties and events. New collections are frequently introduced at annual Vietnam and international fashion shows and mentioned in various renowned fashion magazines, including Elle Man, New York Times, Dep Magazine, La Vanguardia, KL Airport, Travel & Leisure etc. 

Chula collection at J Spring Fashion Show in Malaysia
Chula collection at J SummerFashion Show in Paris
Chula collection at Mercati Di Traino, Rome 


A very special thing about Chula is 75% of its employees are suffering some kinds of disabilities. However, as stated on the website, the team has the best skills and attitude for life. The passion towards life and work of Laura and Diego is often said to be the inspiration for these employees to overcome their difficulties to discover their ability in designing and tailoring.

Chula Fashion now has stores in Hanoi, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City.

MD (photo: Chula Fashion House)


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