Sunflower field - a tourism hotspot in Nghe An

Monday, December 19, 2016

(National Times)- A 60ha sunflower field in Nghia Son commune, Nghia Dan district, central Nghe An province attracts many young people to snap photographs.

Sunflower field  in Nghe An.

Hundreds of  province natives and visitors from around the country flocked to the field for selfies, posing in costumes with professional photographers.

The beauty of the yellow sunflowers, which in bloom looks like the bright sun, is responsible for the surge in visitors to the cow-fed plant farm. A similar increase can be seen in the wide fields of buckwheat field in the country’s northern mountainous provinces, the wild sunflower fences in the villa-town of Dalat City or the mustard plantations in many localities.

The plants were first sowed in 2010 by TH True Milk, a Vietnamese dairy producer, to feed its cows. Years later, the field has gained fame among youngsters for its unique beauty.

The field becomes a hot rendezvous site in late December, when the flowers are blooming and are at their maximum size.

Sunflower field  ttracts many young people to snap photographs.

The first sunflower festival is set to take place December 25 to 27 in central Nghe An Province, said the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Nghe An has this year doubled cultivation areas to nearly 60ha, giving visitors more space to contemplate sunflowers in full bloom as well as, attend a beauty contest, souvenirs and play folk games.

The event is destined to help spur the local tourism industry’s development by attracting more visitors to raise income for locals.

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