Pilot electric cars in tourism restricted areas

Monday, June 26, 2017

(National Times)- The Prime Minister has approved a piloting project to use electric cars for tourist transportation in restricted areas.

The Prime Minister noted that the piloting project will only apply to new vehicles that meet all requirements of technic, safety, environment-friendly and registration in accordance with the law before operating. The pilot time will be 3 years.  

An electric-power tourism car on Hanoi's street 

The city and provincial People’s Committee will discuss and determine the operation time and specific routes on which the electric cars will run. Besides, the operation of these cars must comply with the traffic regulations. Every six months, local administrations have to review and evaluate the implementation of the project.  

Ministry of Transportation continues to review the need to use electric-powered and gasoline-powered vehicles for tourist transportation in the restricted areas under the Prime Minister’s direction in the document No. 2235/TTg-KTN, dated Dec 13, 2006.  


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