Five special things you can only see in Da Lat

Monday, July 25, 2016

(National Times)- The highland city has been emerging as one of the most attractive destinations for both Viet Nam and international tourists.

Travel leisurely without being disrupted by traffic lights

While many foreign visitors are shocked by the chaotic traffic in Ha Noi and HCM City, they will surprise to see a free traffic light Da Lat, which means your journeys on the roads will never be disrupted by a red light. But don’t expect the messy traffic like in other big cities; instead, the rate of traffic accident in Da Lat is pretty low and people here are unlikely to encounter any daily congestion. The locals explain that the twisting roads and the hilly terrain of the city make it rather dangerous to stop for a red light at every intersection.

The twisting road and the hilly terrain make Da Lat a free traffic light city (photo: dalat24)
Center of Da Lat at night (photo:

Enjoy four seasons in a day

With a year-around cool climate, Da Lat is always a perfect destination for getaway trip from the crowded and busy HCM City and the hot summer in northern and central Viet Nam. A bit chilly and foggy in the morning make the start of each day feel like in spring. At noon, the temperature gets higher and the shining sun brings you the hotness of summer. The dry and cool autumn comes in the afternoon, and a day is perfectly finished with the cold and windy winter when the temperature is down to the lowest and sometimes a sprinkle of rain.

The rainy season in Da Lat starts in May and ends in the end of Oct. However, with a day going through all stages of four seasons, who cares about the rainy and dry seasons anymore?

The sleepy Da Lat in the early morning (photo: tripadvisor)
Dambri waterfall in Da Lat (photo: travelvietnamtoday)

Discover the hidden maple forest

Da Lat’s maple forest is definitely a worthy reward for adventurous travellers. After 6km of kayaking in the beautiful Tuyen Lam Lake, it will be a short trekking route before you can hold your breath with the magnificent view of hundreds of maple trees.

There are various local travel agencies currently offering guided tours including maple tree discovering, combined with other experiences, such as visiting local farms, outdoor camping overnight, BBQ parties etc.

Kayaking on Tuyen Lam Lake (photo: diadiemanuong)
After kayaking, it will a short trekking route (photo: diadiemanuong)
The hidden maple forest (photo: diadiemanuong)

Amazed by giant pumpkins in an oriental garden

Farmer Le Huu Phan’s giant pumpkin garden has become a new attraction in Da Lat. The largest pumpkin Phan has ever grown reached 80kilo. The garden is located in Xuan Huong Street, and spans across an area of 4,000 square km. Phan is well-known not only as the first person to successfully nurture giant pumpkins in Da Lat, but also as a farmer who loves to cultivate new and unique plants. His garden is home to many new species that you can’t find anywhere across Viet Nam.  

The largest pumpkin Phan has ever grown reached 80kilo (photo: kenh14)
Black tomato, another unique vegetable in Phan's garden (photo: kenh14)

See a touch of France in lavender fields

Known as the kingdom of flowers, it is not surprised to see lavenders in Da Lat. Located in Van Thanh flower village, Farmer Le Tien Thanh’s lavender garden is 1,000 square meters wide and has attracted a great number of tourists. Like Phan, Thanh is also passionate about growing new plants in Da Lat. His beautiful lavender garden today is the results of countless failures, trying to make this elegant flower to adapt with its new home in Da Lat.   

Le Tien Thanh is the first one to successfully grow lavenders in Da Lat (vnexpress)
His lavender garden is located in Van Thanh Flower village (photo: vnexpress)

Thanh's lavender garden is the result of countless failed attempts to make lavender adapt

to Da Lat's weather (photo: vnexpress)


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