What is the most meaningful gift for children on Tet?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

(National Times) – The most special thing for children on Lunar New Year is “li xi” (lucky money).

Giving “li xi” has its roots in the folklore about the ogre called Tuy. Once upon a time, living in a huge peach blossom tree in the East Sea were all evil spirits on Earth. On New Year’s Eve, as the deities had to gather together at the Heavens, the deity would appear, rubbing small children’ head to make them burst into loud wails and get high fever. Thus, the whole family had to stay awake all night to protect the children from the ogre. However, some Deity while once stopping by a village had turned themselves into gold coins. Parents covered those coins in red cloth and placed under a child’s pillow. Later, when the deity came, the coins sparkled and drove it away.

Good news quickly spread out all over the country. Vietnamese people have had the tradition of giving small children lucky money in red envelope on the first day of Lunar New Year.

As a custom, the lucky money will be put into a red envelop, symbolizing a lucky things. Gifting a lucky money during the lunar New Year has been considered fortunate for both the givers and receivers. Those who give will also invite the flow of money into their house during the entire year. All  symbolizes that the family fortune would be passed on to the children and the unmarried teens or adults.
Lucky money is a special custom for everyone on Lunar New Year. For children, the best memory for children may be a lucky money. Tet is understood is a the beginning of the wonderful things by a lucky money.

Lucky money means “Giving money to children to welcome the new age on the first day of Lunar New Year”. It is understood as a small amount of money that can bring good fortune to the upcoming year.                                              




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