Laterns – Beauty of Vietnamese Tet

Friday, January 27, 2017

(National Times) – When Tet comes, lighting up laterns for Tet holiday becomes a custom for everyone.

Like some red envelopes the Vietnamese traditionally put in money and give each other as good lucks, lighting laterns is, undoubtedly, one of many unevitable things for Vietnamese people.

The latern is known as a a good thing on Lunar New Year. The laterns will be displayed at the street, houses as a colorful and beautiful decoration on Lunar New Year. Bamboo frame is light, the paper must have red lights, beautiful. Shaping, gluing and the decoration on the new lights is determinant makes peculiarities of each lamp. All require the skillful maker and artisans.

In Viet Nam, the Old Quarters, known as Hang Ma are a popular place for paper goods used as votive offerings for hundreds of years. Brilliant lantern crafts at the Hang Ma Street decorate colors on New Year and big festivals.These days Hang Ma street by color crimson splendor of the ancient city lanterns, the peach flowers, apricot flowers blooming across the street.

Also, Hoi An is also a famous place with lanterns that are beautifully decorated with shapes like pumpkins, eggplants na, garlic. There are other forces pulling lanterns, flowers sen, with colorful dragon. As Tet is coming, people lights their lanterns, making Hoi An brighter and more colorful. Every year, during the Lunar New Year holiday, local authorities organize a festival which includes a ceremony of floating lanterns along the Hoai River.



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